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Helen Mendoza

Filmmaker . Photographer . Writer . Mom . Musician . Vocalist 

I play alot.  With pictures, moving and still.  Notes on screen, oftentimes

on paper.  Sometimes I play alone, but like it best when I play with a team.   

I write, produce, shoot, and edit films.  I have been a still photographer

all my life.  I love to capture movement. urban and natural landscape,

and street portraits.


I sing. I play guitar. I play drums, mostly with my hands, but sometimes

with my feet, and occassionally with sticks.  I like to find harmony

in all things. 


My family is my greatest love and my greatest achievement.  

Family is all about collaboration and negotiation and communication. 


My clients, my colleagues, my bandmates... you are all an extension of

of that family.  


This site is all new and a work in progress.  So bear with me. 

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