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JHenry Privett-Mendoza
JHenry Privett-Mendoza
Henry 2015 Juvenile
2017 Glacier Falls_Free Skate _Angels & Demons__A good look at this fabulous shirt by Braden Overett
2021 GFSC-5
2021 LAOpen-3
henry musique performance
Short Program 2019 SWP Regionals
Henry Muse/ique performance
2017 LA Open - Pickwick Ice _Thanks everyone who came out to support Henry! _Coaches_  Robert Taylor
2017 SCICA Invitational SP
Henry - Free Skate

Action and podium photos by Cynthia Slawter Digital Photo Events/UK, and Quick Silver Photography| Darkroom by HRMendoza

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Competition Level



Coaches (UK)





Coaches (US)

Yebin Mok, Helen James Green, Mark Hanretty,

Ben Simons, Paul Grieves

Jonathan Cassar, Devin Matthews, Ryu Namhoon, Sasha Murashko, Christa Fassi


University of Sheffield - Class of 2024

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Fine Whine: Join me in exploring media - films, books, television series, and music, but mostly films - that has either aged like fine wine lest I whine about it.

Available on Apple, Google, Amazon, and Spotify

Other interests

Dance (Modern, Tap), Cooking and Baking, Languages, Travel, Photography, Gaming, Music ... Languages -Welsh, Spanish, Chinese, Korean

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2022 British Figure Skating Championships

2022 Volvo Open

2022 Tayside Trophy

2022 British Qualifier 2


2022 British Qualifier 1 

3d Place (Bronze) - Senior Men

10th Place - Senior Men

6th Place - Senior Men


2nd Place - Senior Men

2nd Place - Senior Men

2021 British National Championships

2021 British Qualifier


2021 Los Angeles Open Championships

2021 Glacier Falls Summer Classic

8th Place - Junior Men

1st Place - Junior Men


2nd Place - Junior Men

5th Place - Junior Men

2019 US Figure Skating Championships


2019 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

2019 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2018 Novice / Junior Challenge Skate​

2018 North American Series / Skate Ontario



7th Place - Novice Men


2nd Place - Novice Men

1st Place - Novice Men's Champion

10th Place - Novice Men

9th Place - Novice Men

2018 US Figure Skating Championships

2018 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

2018 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2017 SCICA Invitational Series Final

2017 Novice & Junior Challenge

2017 Glacier Falls Summer Classic

2017 Los Angeles Open Championships

9th Place - Novice Men

4th Place - Novice Men

3d Place - Novice Men

2nd Place - Novice Men

5th Place - Novice Men

4th Place - Novice Men

2nd Place - Novice Men

2017 US Figure Skating Championships

2017 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

2017 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2016 Pasadena Open Championships

2016 Los Angeles Open

11th Place - Intermediate Men 

4th Place - Intermediate Men 

1st Place - Intermediate Men's Champion

1st Place - Intermediate Men's Champion

 3d Place Overall - Intermediate Men / 1st Place FS

2016 US Figure Skating Championships

2016 Pacific Coast Sectional Championships

2016 Southwest Pacific Regional Championships

2015 Southern California Interclub Series Invitational

2015 Pasadena Open Championships

12th place - Intermediate Men

5th Place - Intermediate Men

3d Place - Intermediate Men

1st Place - Intermediate Men's Champion

1st Place - Intermediate Men's Champion