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Photo credits: Ben Licera, Frances Chee, Hana Kawamura, HR Mendoza

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Picture This
Good Grief
Picture This
Good Grief
Picture This
Colburn School
Emerald Ball with Leonid Proskurov
Emerald Ball - Latin
De Dutch Don't Dance Summmer

Click on the camera for Grace portraits.

Grace is   21 years old

Dances       Modern, Contemporary, Ballet, Ballroom, Tap 

Attends   Smith College





    University of Aukland/Frontiers Abroad Biodiversity Field Study


    Turtle Conservancy Program - Costa Rica


    De Dutch Don't Dance Summer Course - The Hague, Netherlands 


    Hubbard Street Dance Theatre / Chicago - Summer Intensive 

    American Dance Festival Summer Program 

    American Dance Festival Winter Intensive / Los Angeles 

Master classes include

Raquelle Chavis            Modern - Ailey/Horton

Lucinda Childs               Modern

Meredith Dincolo          Contemporary / Ballet

Jennifer Lott                 Contemporary

Thomas McManus         Ballet

Banu Ogun                    Modern-Cunningham

John Pennington           Modern - Lewitsky

Sarah Reich                    Tap

Sam Webber                  Tap

Performance highlights*


What Happens When A Woman - 2020

Choreographer - Grace Privett-Mendoza

Commission in Progress for Vox Femina Los Angeles

Picture This - 2019

Choreographer - David Dorfman for

Five College Dance 


Good Grief - 2019

Choreographer - Anna Maynard20220

RIFFS - 2017

Choreographer - Grace Privett-Mendoza

for "Bare Bones" 

Finite and Infinite Games - 2017

Choreographer - Katherine Helen Fisher


Fire Within - 2017

Choreographer - Sarah Swenson

Commissioned for Vox Femina Los Angeles & Vox Dance Theater

Auriga - 2017

Choreographer - Sarah Swenson

Circus - 2017

Choreographer/Director - Courtney Cheyne

Special guest: Melinda Sullivan

Cheap Imitation - 2016

Choreographer - Rudy Perez

Taylor-made - 2016

Choreographer - Paul Taylor

Staged by Rachel Berman

Asht with Emma - 2016

Choreographer - Courtney Cheyne

Merce Cunningham Min-Event - 2015

Choreographer - Merce Cunningham

Staged by Banu Ogun

In a Language That Is No Longer Mine - 2015

Choreographer - Tamsin Carlson

Fimmine I/II - 2014

Choreographer - Sarah Swenson

Staged by Tamsin Carlson

Ancestors - 2013

Choreographer - Sarah Swenson

*As these are copyrighted pieces, they are not all in public space.

For links to any of the listed performances, please contact us at

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