VERETTO SPORT is the brainchild of former US National and International competitive figure skater, Braden Overett. Based in Southern California, Overett has been designing and manufacturing versatile sportswear created to function for athletes inside and outside the rink. 


Veretto has a full line of warm gear, practicewear, bags, and accessories.

We make you look good. You do the rest.

As a costume designer for figure skaters, Overett takes his intimate knowledge of the sport, a deep well of creativity, and a penchant for innovation to create beautiful, yet functional wardrobe statements for his clients, like 2016 Men's National Champion and newly minted Olympian, Adam Rippon.  

Overett has designed costumes for Henry the last two competition seasons. Each piece is unique and fabulous, and perfectly aligned with the needs of artist and athlete.

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